I never thought I'd be a superhero
Countdown to zero
I never thought I'd be a mental patient
Took a ride
inside a spaceship & I
never thought I'd have an understanding
of the secret world
where planes stop landing
I never thought I'd see my dreams come true now
Set the table
and put the food out
I always knew I was divisionary
I'm the muffin man
with nuts and berries
I always knew I was a trouble maker
I'm baking cakes
to help you wake up
I almost tried to start a revolution
until I saw
I liked pollution
So I decide to let the world go under
rock the block
return to plunder
I always rooted for the supervillans
Mr. Freeze was always chillin
I always knew I'd be the ice cream man
we'll tour Japan in my nice dream land
I'm always making special treats no dairy
They'll help you see, but it's sometimes scary
I always knew life was a bed of roses
fuck your skull & see like Moses
I always thought i'd wander through the desert
add an 's' double your pleasure
I always waited for the new tomorrow
full of hope & full of sorry
I always knew that only some would make it
cut the rest - don't try to fake it
i always knew that i'd see revelations
catastrophes will destroy all nations
I always knew that we'd emerge much brighter
the light inside's a little lighter
I always knew we'd live inside the stars
oxygen from the caves of Mars
I always knew that I'd forgotten something
got Chinese eyes from frying dumplings
I always wondered why they split the atom
power plants so just imagine
I always knew I grew light in my headie
got Jerry curls yo check out my dreadies


This song has been a struggle. I wrote the music years ago, and had the first sentence written a while back.
Finally at the beginning of last summer I wrote the lyrics. I really dig them.
I was recently reading the Bible and Jesus was saying "I have come not to unite humanity but to divide it!"
I'm really not a Christian or anything, but I guess God is talking to me when I write songs like this.
Anyway, this is my first take on the vocals. I did a quick remix because the original is pretty long.
I want to redo this song, but it never seems to click.

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