Icy glaciers melting
flooding oceans
tidal waves
Icy people hiding
deep inside
their private caves
Icy cycles spinning
we can't all be saved
Icy cryogenic mountains
icy icy graves

icy glaciers (demons)

icy glaciers (thanks 4 nothing)

Karmageddon was on my mind when I wrote this song.
We were getting the RV fixed after the SPAC Phish shows last summer and I sat and wrote a ton of songs.
I put it over a quick beat and that version was on the "Demons" Halloween/election album
I did a better version for the CD "Thanks 4 Nothing USA" which came out Thanksgiving weekend.
A few weeks later we were reading the Bible and Jesus was predicting virtually the same thing.
I was ranting about Jesus on a surfboard riding out the storm.
Then, a few days later, the tsunami hit.


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