i got fire in my belly
fire in my soul
i took some pyrotechnic jelly
and i put it in my bowl
tore me a new asshole
shocked and persuaded my soul
just playing my role
in rearranging the poles
it's time to realign
and sometimes it takes force
to set this ship back on course
i got a little bit hoarse
cause i was screaming so much
plus i burned my throat upon a dutch
you don't even want to know what we put in the punch
cause i'm a chemical warrior
blew up my laboratory
had a good cover story
about spreading god's glory
spent my days in memorial
went through the beauracratic maze
started off in janitorial
cleaning up other people's shit
for my last little skit
i put piranas in the toilet
a four-star general got his dick bit
threw a fucking fit
like ben & jerry
i was outa there lickety split
but it turned out they liked my gumption
and my appetite for destruction
and my exuberant consumption
they were under the assumption
that i had the skills to make it big
so i went from cleaning bathrooms
to sabotaging oil rigs
i ate figs in the desert
with osama bin laden
you know he hasn't forgotten
anything the first george bush taught him
i smoked blunts with fidel
i saw saddam inside his cell
then dick cheney took me on a guided tour of hell
i was learning to be
everything i could be
i was part of the vast government conspiracy
cause the land of the free
is enslaved by money
the dollars and cents
business industry
i was gonna make it big

i got fire in my belly

i got fire in my soul

I wrote this song at the beginning of last summer. It's just me fantasizing about being a spy again.
Tonight (Feb 8) I just did a new version of it in about two hours on my laptop.
It was the first time I used the built-in mic on the iBook. Sounds nice!
I think there's a different version on the "Thanks 4 Nothing USA" CD.
It's similar to the first version here, it's too late at night for me to figure it out.
The transfer from my old computer to my new one is muy confusing.