i spent a whole life in the mine
i never should have wasted my time
i tried so hard to dig
it's a crime
and now i think i'm losing what was left of my mind
well i got a crystal bubble
and it brought me lots of trouble
found it buried in the rubble
in the middle of the night
i put it in my pocket
and it took off like a rocket
went right through my third eye socket
and i thought i saw the light
my vision was clear
and i stood like a deer
caught in the headlights
after too many beers
and it was like
on the windowpane
i got funked in the brain
like my dready lain
that shit drove me completely insane
and where were you when all this shit was going on?


mineking 2005
mineking 2005.1

I wrote this song in the winter of 03-04.
It's about a miner who finds a crystal that gives him visions.
When I was working on the "Cryst-All-Eyes" CD this song fit in perfectly.
And I changed the miner into the scwewy wabbit.
I did a new version at the beginning of March 2005.
The first part has vocals, the second part is the drum jam. I did it over two nights.
When I was about to record the vocals, a siren went by and it fits in perfect!

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