Got millions of brothers
test tube for a mother
I'm another
new worlds to discover
I was once told a secret
I promised it would never be revealed
but when you're out in the field
what's real?
interrogation gonna make you squeal
I remembered the plan
you wouldn't understand
it was a little sleight of hand
I picked up the last time I was in wonderland
Jumped down my brain
and I slipped out of the training
and what remained was
a pain with a rearranged drain?
the secret was leaked
and like little bo peep
I was out counting sheep
I was about to fall asleep with my eyes open
and I was hoping
to get my hands on a bar of soap and
slide down the drain
evaporate with the pouring rain
a rainbow
coming through your windowpane

slide down the drain.mp3

I wrote this song years ago on top of some samples.
It's part of the Spyclone saga.
I wrote this beat for the "Thanks 4 Nothing USA" CD.

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